Why You Should Choose Window Shades

Your home's windows can be a wonderful thing. They allow you to view the world outside, and they can let in light and fresh air. However, bare windows can present many problems, such as a lack of privacy and excessive exposure to sunlight. Fortunately, today's homeowners don't have to contend with these issues. Instead, they can choose from a wide range of window treatments to dress up their windows and gain greater control over their homes.

2 Types Of Windows To Choose For Increased Ventilation

One of the main reasons homes are built with windows is in order to provide a means of ventilation. With that being said, a lot of homeowners feel that their windows don't let much air in, after all. Perhaps you avoid opening your existing windows because you don't want anyone to fall from them. Or maybe the windows don't even open in a way that would let in air. This is all fixable.

Considering Window Replacements? The Top Window Installation Questions

What do you need to know about replacement window installation? You're considering replacements—but don't know much about the installation process or the outcomes. Before you decide whether or not to upgrade your home's windows, take a look at the top questions homeowners have answered. Is Installation a Do-It-Yourself Job? Simply stated, no. Replacement installation is not a DIY home repair. Failure to replace home windows correctly could result in issues that affect both the form and function of the new products.

Choosing Car Window Tint: How To Determine The Best Tint Shade For Your Vehicle?

One crucial parameter used in determining the shade of car window tint is the visible light transmission (VLT). This parameter refers to the amount of light that a window film allows into the vehicle. Car window tints come in various shade percentages, whereby lower values mean less light passes through. Therefore, dark tinting products have a low visible light transmission value, while lighter window tints have a high VLT value. Below are the factors you should consider when choosing the best tint shade for your car windows.

5 Things To Know Before Tinting Your Home's Windows

Tinting the windows of your home can provide many benefits, but there are a few things you should be aware of before beginning the process of window tinting. 1. Not All Window Tint Is the Same Window tint comes in different varieties. Some tints are made to to provide privacy, while others block glare or reflect heat and UV rays. It's important to carefully compare different window tint types so that you choose the one that is best suited to your needs.